Monday, March 29, 2010

No Coincidences.....

As a cancer survivor, I often find myself interpreting and internalizing things in a much more connected way than I had before my diagnosis.  I've always been very spiritual and have known in my heart that things happen for a reason.  I believe that it's our job as humans to discover the connections that are set out for us and to realize that there really are no coincidences.  This belief system was a great comfort to me while undergoing diagnosis and treatment and is even stronger now, after 4 years post diagnosis.

I love it when I run across other like-minded people who feel the need to share their stories, art, quotes in order to validate those special life connections and my 'no coincidence' theory.  For several years, I volunteered at the Arizona Cancer Center in the chemotherapy infusion room.  I originally volunteered to 'give back' but ended up getting so much more than I gave.  My job was to make the patients as comfortable as possible while undergoing chemo.  I often would run up and down the stairs to fetch food, beverages, information for the cancer patients.  I chose the stairs, instead of the elevator for a healthier me.  Many times, I passed by a plaque which simply stated, 
 The happiest people are those who discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same thing.  
I loved the simplistic reminder of this message! One day I decided to quickly jot this quote down with the author's name, etc. on a piece of scrap paper, which promptly became lost in 'the purse' for about a year. 

During a recent bout of spring cleaning, I  unearthed my scrap paper quote and decided that it would make for good sharing. I haven't blogged for a while and have really been feeling the need to focus on creating; whether it be through the medium of jewelry, food or writing.  I googled the author's name, Janie Cohen, and was delighted to discover that she is a Tucson Artist and cancer survivor who also received treatment at the Arizona Cancer Center. While exploring Janie Cohen's website, I came across a publicity article reported by Laura Marble May on May 16, 2007  and another  insightful quote reached out and touched me .
“It doesn’t matter whether the tree is crooked, bent, verdant, or barren. It doesn’t matter if the tree blooms softly or is rigid and hard. It does matter that the tree of life speaks to us. Listen.”  
The article ends with the profound statement "Likely, some people who walk through the Arizona Cancer Center will pause and hear", which is exactly what I did.  Thank you,  Janie Cohen, for connecting with me and validating my truth that there are no coincidences.  Now, it is my turn to reach out and pass it on.