Saturday, May 2, 2009

Top 10 Signs That You Are Addicted To Collecting

I don't know about you, but I can honestly say that I am addicted to collecting! Let's see if you can relate to my personal top 10!

10. You have stacks or bags of newly acquired "stuff" squirreled all around your house and you can't remember what is in those bags or stacks.

9. You have created a "work shop" for your stuff.

8. The back of your car is full of garage sale or thrift store finds which are now neglected, because you have moved onto the next "collection".

7. You try to create a semblance of organization by placing your "stack" into a curio cabinet.

6. You greet your favorite thrift store workers by their first name and they do the same.

5. You try to make use of your collections, such as displaying your spoons in a rack, so it appears to the world like you are not out of control with your most recent obsession.

4. You move onto the next collectible, when you become overwhelmed with the clutter.

3. You find your collectibles become smaller and smaller, such as buttons or scarves, so you can acquire more without too much clutter.

2. You rationalize that your addiction could be worse, at least it's not gambling....

1. You open up an Etsy store to sustain your addiction to collecting and find yourself buying from other Etsy collectors!


  1. My collections just seem to grow. New ones all the time. I have to confess I love them all.

  2. Same here Shandell's! I love your website and Etsy shop!

  3. no but really it COULD be worse,we arent gambling,hehee!

  4. I guess it depends on your definition of!